Pet-Proof Dirt Trapper Rug Doormat

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No More Muddy Paw Prints Tracking In Your House


Want to get rid of your furry friend tracking paws every time they come into the house? We have an amazing solution for you! Introducing Project Lvl Pet-Proof Dirt Trapper Rug Doormat, he rug that keeps your pets and dirty shoes from tracking in the house!

Made with absorbent double padded fibers all throughout the stitching for better protection and fewer leaks making it super easy to clean afterwards.

Machine washable so you never have to worry about hand-washing it again. Simply throw it in with your regular loads and you're all set. Doesn't fade, shrink or leave behind any lingering odors.

Perfect to set-up anywhere in the house. Whether that's your front door, by the garage or even by the rooms. Saving you the time and worry about where to put it.

If you truly wish to save yourself the big clean-up then this is the product for you. With Project Lvl Pet-Proof Dirt Trapper Rug Doormat,you never have to worry about your pets tracking or your dirty shoes in the house anymore.  Easy, huge time saver and best of all, dirt-free paw prints all over the house. A win-win for a per lover like you! Grab yours now!


Super Absorbent- Absorbs every single drop and doesn't leak onto the ground. Whether that's water trails, Mud tracks or even in the worst-case urine we got you covered.

Easy Clean- Simply throw it in the washing machine and forget about it. Can wash with any color loads without any fading/ discoloration or lingering odors left behind.

Long-Lasting- Can last you for years and years without any wear and tear and easy maintenance. Making it easy to take care of and can last you a lifetime.

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