Personalized Bone-Shaped Name Ring

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Take your love for dogs to a whole new level with Project Lvl Personalized Bone-Shaped Name Ring. If you are in the mood for something out of the ordinary but still look fancy, then our cute little ring is your perfect bling!

Shaped like bone with a little paw print, this may look simple yet very stylish that anyone would notice.

Made with quality 925 Sterling Silverand comes in different sizes to choose from. We make sure this can just easily fit with anyone.

A great gift idea for yourself, loved ones and friends for any occasions like birthday, anniversary or even as a warm gesture. This can surely melt someone's heart without any doubt. 

If you are a dog lover and want to show people that you are or just find friends who love dogs just as much as you do, we are definitely sure that Project Lvl Personalized Bone-Shaped Name Ring is for you. Dogs love bone-shaped things and wearing one makes you more lovable and loud your concern about animal protection. How cute will that look in your hands plus we can engrave your name on it that makes it even more personal and handcrafted with love. There is no reason not to love this adorable piece at all. Grab yours now and be one of the first few!

How To Order:

After purchase, send us an email to,

1. Please include your full name

2. 6-letter engravement

3. Choose your size from the below guide


1.Tiffany Ross
2. Fido
3. Size 8



Unique Design- Handcrafted ring with a unique bone shape and a little paw imprint. Comes in a beautiful silver color that shines.

Cute Gift Idea- May it be birthdays, anniversaries or any holiday gift giving, this is your go to gift that will surely surprise your friends and loved ones.

Various Sizes- Different sizes to choose from so you do not have to worry about not finding the right size.We have one for everyone.


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