Electric Remote Control Military Tank

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Unleash Your Military Potential With The Power Tank



Are you or your kids bored of the typical toys? Or are you looking for gift ideas that will surely be a hit? Level up your car toys with the highly sophisticated Project Lvl Electric Remote Control Military Tank. Their play time will never be the same again.

The tank can move forward and backward with an accelerating speed, rotate and barrel can be raised 30 degrees.It comes with the functions of automatic identification, precise code pairing, and has strong anti-jamming system.

This is fully custom-painted and assembled replica of the real tank. It has the long gun barrel and radio-controlled all movement including turret rotation and gun elevation.

It features full suspension and a main gun that fires 6mm BB pellets up to 9 feet! A great introduction to large scale radio controlled tanks. A realistic suspension system and simulative motor engine sound action effect. 

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary remote controlled toy for your kids that you can also play with them, then this product is what you need. Project Lvl Electric Remote Control Military Tanklooks so cool and technical but very easy to manipulate. It moves on ground, grass, sand and even to little rocky roads. This will make your boys feel like a true commander. Hurry and get your hands of this now!



Variety of Functions- Fire with realistic recoil action,120 degree rotating turret left and right, moves forward and backward with realistic sounds and light. Fires and wipe out enemies in all directions. 

Full Power- With a built-in rechargeable and environmentally friendly battery for more powerful, longer combat. The remote requires you to install the battery yourself.

Remote-Controlled- Let your boy control the tank in any direction and angle, turn the turret and fire. It simulates military exercises and war adventures like a real commander.


• Speed:10-15 KMPH
• Color:Blue
• Control Freqency:27/40MHZ(Random)
• Control Range:16.4-49.2ft(5-15m)
• Tank Size:54*21*28cm
• Package Size:20.9*11.4*8.7in(53*29*22cm)
• Tank Weight:3.0lb
• Package Weight:5.1lb
• Playing Time:15-20 Minute
• Chargering Time:2-5 Hour
• Tank Battery:9.6V/750mah Rechargeable Battery
• Remote Controller Battery:6F22 9V Battery(Not included)
• Material:Harmless Plastic,Electronic Elements,Rubber,Alloy Parts.
• Suitable Age: 14+
• Scale:1:20

Package List:

  • 1*Tank
  • 1*Controller
  • 1*Charger
  • 1*Gun
  • 1*Soldier
  • 1*9.6V/750mah Rechargeable Battery

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