Nano Liquid Screen Protector

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The Ultimate Phone Hack For Life

Do you encounter tempered glass break very often? Introducing the jaw-dropping hammer-tested Project Lvl Nano Liquid Screen Protector. With our innovative product, you could solve your phone protection problems forever!


It works on any phone to protect the screen. You can use it on a mobile phone, glasses, computer, watch, anything which you need a screen protective film.

In addition to scratch protection, the nano-coating layer will also improve its resistance to grease, water and fingerprints.

It uses nanotechnology to safely protect your phone screen from breaking. With nano-hydrophobic technology, the liquid application adds an invisible coat that strengthens the screen. 

Nanotechnology are tiny molecules which bond to create a micro liquid-glass layer surface over glass surfaces. These are invisible to the naked eye but are there to protect your surfaces from abrasions and scratches because they are interconnected so tightly they prevent water from passing through.

Say goodbye to your fear of getting a crack screen or scratches. Project Lvl Nano Liquid Screen Protector is your phone's ultimate savior. It creates millions of ultra-thin layers on the display to enhance the screen display and provide invisible protection against all kind of scratches. Now you can be assured that you have the best weapon for your precious possession. Grab yours today!


Easy To Use- This is not only sturdy, but also flexible and easy to apply to mobile phones. Just a few drops directly on the screen of the phone. Our screen protector is compatible with most mobile phone cases. Curved or concave screen.

Widely Used- It is suitable for iPhone, 8, 7, 6s plus, 5s, Samsung Galaxy s9 / s8 / s7 / s6 / s5, Edge, Note8, Tablet, Kindle and all other models. Make sure your phone and other devices are protected.

Waterproof and Scratched- Made from the finest materials on the market. The screen protector uses strong scratch-resistant technology and does not create any air bubbles during or after construction.

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