Radar Detector Police Detector Speed Detector LED 360 Degree Detection Car Voice Alert Speed Warning Detector

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Finally, no more speeding tickets!

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets?With Project Lvl's Radar 360 Degree Radar Detector, you will never get caught for speeding ever again! This worthwhile investment will not only pay for itself, but it will save you money for years to come. Stop giving your hard earned dollars to law enforcement, put it back in your pocket where it belongs!

Project LVL's 360 Car Voice Alert Speed Warning Detector alarms whenever you go beyond the speed limit. It is also engineered with built in G sensor technology that automatically detects any speed, detecting laser beams in the area and will let you know way before anyone ever sees you.

The amazing radar detector system records your speed time without hassle. With 360 Car Voice Alert Speed Warning Detector you can arrive at your destination a couple of seconds faster without getting caught by traffic enforcer.


No More Speeding Tickets - think of all the speeding tickets you’ve had over the years, if this device saves you from even ONE speeding ticket it will have paid for itself 2X.. now that’s value!

G Sensor Technology - this radar detecting device was engineered with a G sensor technology that will detect & alert you of any presence with oodles of time to slow down and correct yourself

Makes A Great Gift - this amazing radar detector makes an awesome gift for anyone with a heavy foot! Be the talk of the town among all your car buddies with your incredibly kicka** gift!

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