Rotating Makeup Storage Organizer

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Clear That Clutter On Your Vanity Top


Is your vanity and bathroom sink completely covered with all sorts of lotions, perfumes, makeup and more? Get the Project Lvl Rotating Makeup Storage Organizerand you will never have a hard time to see and find everything and  fitting it all!

No more digging through endless drawers or trying to find one bottle among a sea of bottles. Our patented rotating cosmetic storage is your one stop solution.

Get instant access to all of your cosmetic goodies with 5 adjustable layers and 4 removable trays so you can fit even the largest bottles.

This can hold up to 20 brushes, 30 bottles of skincare products, and 10 bottles of perfume.If you have more than that, you need help girlfriend!

So if you’re tired of dealing with a sea of bottles on your vanity area or going through drawer after drawer then you need the Project Lvl Rotating Makeup Storage Organizer.It’ll make you life a better more organized place so you can focus on beautifying yourself with peace of mind. Everything stays in place where you want them to be. How easy is that? Hurry and buy one now!


360 Rotation - This unique cosmetic storage container can rotate 360 degrees so that you can easily store and reach ALL of your supplies!

Clean Counter - Never get sick of looking at a mess of bottles all over the place again. With this, you can finally look forward to a clean counter top.

Multi Function - With several layers of shelving and several removable trays this storage rack can be adjusted to fit any and all sized bottles.

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