Temporary Hair Chalk Dye Powder Color Set (6 Colors)

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Give Yourself A New Look Every Single Day

Can you imagine yourself walking into work, school and being the talk of the town? We have just made it possible for you! Introducing Project Lvl Temporary Hair Dye Powder Color Set (6 Colors), your temporary solution for new daily looks. It's like Pandora's box being opened!

Never again will you be constrained to one hair color for months at a time. Now you can be a blonde on Monday, a brunette on Tuesday and a redhead on Wednesday. That’s value!

Offers a rainbow of possibilities on a daily basis and the best part is that it is water soluble so it’ll wash out with some soap and water. If you’re on trend, you can’t afford to ignore this!

This indispensable hair solution is the key to looking cute and fresh on the daily. Plus it makes for a perfect gift for your friends, help them change their look often.They’ll be so glad you did, and so will you!

So if you’re looking for a great winter season gift idea or you’re looking to step your fashion game up to the next level, then  Project Lvl Temporary Hair Dye Powder Color Set (6 Colors)is your go-to hair friend that will make you look all sorts of cute and trendy everyday. Grab some and leave your old look behind!


6 Colors - this incredibly vibrant hair dye powder comes in 6 different colors. Mix and match and create every color you could possibly imagine.. the possibilities are endless!

All Hair Types - the powder doesn’t discriminate towards hair types. It hands all hair dews long or short, curly or straight!

Great Gift - this temporary hair chalk makes amazing gifts during the holiday season! Be the talk of the town among your fashionista friends this winter with your incredibly thoughtful gift!

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