Dental Water Flosser, Water Irrigation Handheld Device

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Let's Be Honest. Do You Like Flossing?


What about when you're tired after a long day?  That's why we're introducing a game-changing productthat makes flossing more easy, comfortable, and effective

Now you will be able to floss your teeth in a fully automatic and effective process. Project Lvl Dental Water Flosser removes twice as much debris, in half the time! Just point, aim, and shoot the water jet! You'll be done in seconds!

With this innovative flosser, your overall oral health will be pristine! Targeting every corner and angle in your mouth that needs cleaning. Water Flossing should be a daily habit. Since this product is simple to use, and will save you time. You will naturally reinforce the habit of daily flossing.

Safe and Guaranteed-  Removes debris between teeth which is hard to reach with floss. It can reduce gingivitis, gum bleeding, removes tongue coating and clean off plaque resulting in a tidy, clean and fresh mouth if used regularly aside from brushing and mouthwash. Cleans braces, bridges, crown, and implants!

No More Bloody Gums! Tired of irritating your gums flossing the old fashioned way? Not only does it hurt, it can leave your mouth unsightly. Our Soothing Water Jet Technology is designed to soothe your gums, and not irritate them! 

Saves Money- No electricity nor batteries or complicated installation needed to use this thus saving you money over time. Compared to other electric flossers that use batteries, this product will pay for itself!

If you are tired and consistently hurting with your ordinary dental floss, then now is the best time. Project Lvl Dental Water Flosseris the answer to your oral hygiene dilemma and even made easier for you to use. You never have to worry about eating and drinking because this buddy can help you flush all the dirt out and leaves your mouth ultra fresh and healthy everyday. Grab yours now and be amazed at how this works!



Package weight: 225g
Materials: ABS+PVC+Copper
Hydraulic parameters: 2 - 6 kg/minute

Package Content:
1 x Faucet Diverter
1 x PVC Hose
1 x Hand shank
1 x Plastic Hex Wrench
1 x Rack Combination
1 x Connector
5 x Color jet


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