Crochet LED Light Hooks (Set of 8)

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Want To Make Knitting Even More Fun? 

If you think knitting has always been traditional and boring, think again. The Project Lvl Crochet LED Light Hooks (Set of 8) is the newest and coolest way to do your sewing activity out of the ordinary.

These are ideal for working with dark yarns or in dimly lit spaces. This innovative crochet hook emits just the right amount of light from its tip and base, illuminating the work in progress!

Hooks are lightweight and battery operated with an on/off switch. Each crochet hook is clearly marked with a specific size on the handle, so that you can find the exact size you need quickly and easily.

With 8 different options to choose from, these durable but smooth crochet hooks will help you take your crochet game on a different light. It is more efficient and enjoyable.

Perfect or all of the crochet artists out there. Now, you'll be able to see your fabric so much better and you'll even be able to crochet in dark environments with Project Lvl Crochet LED Light Hooks (Set of 8). Whether you plan on crocheting in bed with the lights down or you just need a little more light to crochet by, these LED light hooks are just the tools you need. Get yours today!


Quality Materials- It is made with durable aluminum that's polished for extra smoothness making it soft to touch.

Easy To Use- The ergonomic shape grip that developed independently is very comfortable to hold. It can very well meet your knitting need fundamentally.

Convenient- Very practical to use and easy operate. Ideal for most crochet projects and a great tool for all knitting projects. You can control it according to your will.

Color: 8 bright colors
Application: Crochet, Knitting, Scarves, Blankets
Crochet Sizes: 2.5mm/0.09in., 3.0mm/0.11in., 3.5mm/0.13in., 4.0mm/0.15in., 4.5mm/0.17in., 5mm/0.19in., 5.5mm/0.21in., 6mm/0.23in.
Length: Approximately 15cm/5.85in.
Package Includes: 8 x Crochet Hooks
Powered by: 3 x LR41 Button Cell Batteries


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