Adjustable Filtration Shower Head

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The Shower Experience You Never Had Before

Having a great shower can jump start your day. Get that ultimate shower experience with Project Lvl Adjustable Filtration Shower Head. It is life-changing and instantly improves your bath time without spending a hefty price. Redefine the way you take showers with the last shower head you will ever need! 

Comes with multiple spray modes that are fully adjustable and lets you control the water pressure. These are massage, jetting and rainfall mode so you can enjoy your shower just the way you like it.

Equipped with a filtering vessel that cleans and detoxifies the water before it even hits your body, Delivering you clean water that's much more safer on your skin and isn't filled with harsh chemicals.

Super easy to install into and fits perfectly to any bathroom. You never have to worry about it not fitting to your shower. Simply hook it on, cut on the water, press the switch and you're all set.

If you're considering for safe, effective and shower spa experience, then this is the product for you. Project Lvl Adjustable Filtration Shower Head reduces your water consumption while increasing the pressure, all while filtering and softening water. You will be able to cut your water bills down dramatically. This is something that the majority of people would love to be able to do. Now you can actually save money on your heating and still have an invigorating shower experience. Make bath time extra special and grab yours now!


Guaranteed Safe- Cleans and purifies the water before it even hits your skin. It cleanses and detoxifies the water so you can shower safely without getting in contact with any harsh chemicals. This shower head is equipped with mineral balls to enhance the water purification.

Fully Adjustable- Lets you enjoy your shower just how you prefer. from rainfall to massage and even including jetting. You can definitely shower just the way you want it. It uses micro nozzles to save you water while enjoying it.

Saves Money- Tons of it without paying a professional to install it. Saving you money in installation and saving your water from being wasted,now that's what we call a true win-win.

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