Beard Straightener Brush Comb Styler Electric Heated Detangling Straightening Relaxer For Men

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Beard Straightener Brush Comb Styler Electric Heated Detangling Relaxer For Men

Are you fed up of your bushy, wiery beard?

Well - you're not alone. Over 89% of men say it's their biggest frustration with their facial hair. 72% of women admitted they find untidy beards unattractive.

Introducing the first men's heated straightening comb designed to relax facial hair for an effortless, smooth finish.

The best way to tame your beard!

Now you have the ultimate advantage in a world of average beards. Nothing stands out like a masculine, tamed, beard finished off with a gentleman's touch. Its low profile design and negative ion technology transforms your unruly beard into a masculine, groomed work of art in just 30 seconds.

Join thousands of others discovering the power of our Beard Straightening Comb and take your beard game to the next level!

  • No Damage To Beards
  • Heat Barrier Design. Safe; doesn't burn your face
  • Multifunction. Use on your beard and to shape your head hair
  • Device plug options for U.S./Canada, U.K, E.U. and Australia/New Zealand

How To Use?

  1. Make sure hair and beard are completely dry before use
  2. Plug in and wait three minutes for the device to reach optimal temperature.
  3. Brush through the hair and beard, going from roots to ends until the desired smoothness is achieved. Multiple passes will not damage hair.
  4. When finished, switch the deluxe beard straightener off and unplug it, waiting for it to cool down before clearing away.

Package Contains:

1 x Beard Straightening Brush (US/CA, U.K., E.U., Australia/NZ Plug)

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