e-Book Reader With Built-In Light

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Are you a book lover? Do you find it a hassle to take your hard copy books anywhere? Now it's easy to take your entire library wherever you go with Project Lvl Kobo e-Book Reader With Built-In Light, this delivers an almost book-like experience! 

E-Ink technology makes text pop off the screen for a crisp reading experiencewhile a 2GB internal memory lets you store up to thousands of eBooks.

Our largest, most lightweight screen meets our newest innovative design resulting in the utmost in reading comfort. This is where the future of reading takes shape.

The most comfortable eReader yet with ergonomic, delivering a print-quality reading experience. Page-turn buttons and landscape reading mode reduce blue-light exposure for a more comfortable night time reading.

If you're looking for a portable reader that you can take anywhere or an amazing gift this holiday season, then this product is for you. Project Lvl Kobo e-Book Reader With Built-In Light is a very good e-reader option with an impressive built-in light and a high-resolution display that allows for crisper text and is especially useful for reading at smaller font sizes. Hurry and buy today! 


Built-In Light- uses front-lighting technology and has a thin layer film on its screen that aids in dispersing the light uniformly. The light is pretty impressive and can be adjusted.

Stable Design- its design is pretty straightforward. Though its textured back panel, which has sort of angled pattern and comes in various colors, gives it a bit of flair.

Unique Customization- ability to adjust how often the screen refreshes, aka flashes, to clear the ghosting inherent to e-ink. You can have it refreshed every page turn or less often. 


  • Bluetooth: No
  • Display Color: 16 Gray
  • Backlight: Yes
  • Memory Capacity: 2GB
  • WIFI: Yes
  • Screen Type: E-ink electronic ink screen
  • Display Size: 6"
  • Supports Recording Function: No
  • Screen Material: E-Ink
  • Operating System: Original System
  • Model Number: Kobo Glo N613
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 114x 157x10mm
  • Support Type: TXT
  • Support Type: MOBI
  • Support Type: HTML
  • Support Type: RTF
  • Support Type: EPUB
  • Support Type: PDF
  • Product Interface: Micro Usb
  • Battery Life (Hour): >24 hours
  • Weight: 185g
  • Battery Information: 1500mAh

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