Period Panties Zero-Waste Reusable Leakproof Bamboo

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Lace Edge, Paired With Bamboo Fiber, Breathable, And Sexy

Like a pad, but built into your comfiest pair of underwear! Women around the World are making the switch to Period Panties, for a more comfortable, healthier menstrual cycle and cleaner Earth.

Save your money. Women spend over $30,000 on their period throughout their lifetime, creating tons of plastic waste from your tampon or pads packaging and material, 10% of which isn't recycled properly, harming our oceans and wildlife.

A period has never been so stress-free, Period Panties make your menstrual cycle as easy as wearing a pair of underwear, comfortable to wear, they're made of cotton and spandex with a super absorbent bamboo fiber pad built in keeping your period under control for up to 48 hours. 

How It Works

Bamboo Fiber is known to be one of the most natural, absorbent materials in the World.  Women everywhere are switching to bamboo fiber underwear to avoid dangerous, chemically treated tampons. Tampons include a chemical called dioxin—a very dangerous chemical, and a by-product of bleaching.

Think of it like a pad, but built into your comfiest pair of underwear. Pads do not even come close to competing with the absorption of the bamboo fiber. These will last up to 48 hours before needing to switch underwear. 


Color: Beige. Black, Pink, Purple
Size: See Size Chart
Material: Bamboo Fiber, Cotton, Spandex


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