Foldable Bathroom Squatting Foot Stool

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 Need Help "Go"-ing?

You're not alone! Our toilets may seem civilized and convenient but little did you know that sitting to do our business is not as ideal as it looks. Project Lvl Foldable Bathroom Squatting Foot Stool is now here to help! Our engineering team has proven that science improves your ability to eliminate.

Normal seating position will choke your colon and make the release more difficult. Using this stool, the colon is released by changing the angle from 90 degrees to 35 degrees. 

It allows you an easier and more effective elimination and relieve you from constipation, hemorrhoids, bladder, IBS and bowel disease, etc.

The unique design includes anti-slip feet, which not only can prevent slips during use, but can also give you a foot massage. It also has anti-slip strips on the bottom of the squatting toilet stool, for a safer and more stable usage.

So if you are looking for stool that can help you simulate a squat position for a faster and more effective elimination, then this product is all you need. Just pull it out and install your feet simply on the bathroom step stool. Project Lvl Foldable Bathroom Squatting Footstool can be folded up for portable use and space saving. It couldn't get any better than this. Hurry and grab yours today!


Maintains Posture- Reduces straining and alleviates constipation and hemorrhoids. Patented foldable design for the ultimate in convenience and portability. 

Healthy Life Helper- Achieves the optimal squatting position for easier, healthier bowel movements. Allows you to have the ideal posture for releasing.

Unique design- Ergonomic, universal fit for all toilets and it has compact design that is ideal for travelling.

Safety- Rubber grips on feet and textured grip on surface for stability and comfort. Giving you the ease you need while doing your business.


Folded Size: 40cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 10cm (H) Approx
Unfolded Size: 40cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 17.5cm (H) Approx
Colour: White
Material: Plastic
Anti Slip Feet
Weight: 1000grms Approx
Product name:Toilet Squat Stool
Usage: Bathroom step stool

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