Mini Folding Portable Iron

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 Keep A Handy Iron With You Anytime, Anywhere You Go


Introducing the Project Lvl Mini Folding Portable Iron, your shirts' new best friend! No more worries as this keeps your clothes looking clean and wrinkle-free on the go.

Let's face it, you are always in a hurry every morning to beat the traffic or to simply arrive in the office on time. Cooking, taking a bath and eating breakfast can take much of your time that sometimes you tend to forget things that are important too like ironing your clothes. What more if you have kids to worry about? 

Whether you are a businessman, manager, trainer, teacher or any job that needs you to look very presentable every time, you need this now. Very convenient for mothers, sewers and constant travelers too! Save your time and energy because it is very easy to carry around and you use it anywhere and whenever situation calls for it.

Way easier and much more convenient than using a bulky-ironing board. Simply plug it in whenever you need it and you're all set.

Made with an expandable feature that makes it easy for you to not only iron your shirts but your pants as well.

Perfect for anyone that's always constantly on the go. Whether your a business traveler, busy parent or even just someone who wants to save money on an ironing board we've got you covered.

If you're looking for easy and reliable then this is the product for you. Easy to use, cost-efficient and best of all...Having your shirts looking clean and neat.

We know that you are a busy person and have a lot of things to worry every day that is why we are here to help out and make your every day chores a little lighter.This Project Lvl Mini Folding Portable Iron is a must have and our customers are already impressed how this work wonders to their lives. Hurry now and don't get left behind because this one is flying fast!


Convenient- Giving you easy access to an iron when you need it the most. Saves you money on buying some expensive iron and still keeps your shirts wrinkle-free.

Reliable- Not like some cheap piece of junk you see on commercials. Doesn't overheat, impact-resistant and can last you a lifetime before ever replacing it.

Adjustable- Giving you 6 different temperature patterns for different fabrics. Whether it's for silk, wool, polyester, cotton, denim or linen we've got you covered. By spreading out the sides of the iron, you can use it to iron a wide range of clothing like a traditional iron.For small areas such as collars, pockets or trouser legs, simply clip the sides of the iron.


Type : Veneer
Material: PVC
Shape: Rectangle
Model Number: Portable Travel Iron
Can be used to select fabric types with thermal level (f/c)
Polyester cloth 230F (110C)
Silk fabric 255F (124C)
Wool is 275 f (135 c)
Cotton fabric (T-shirt) 330F (165C)
Cowboy 350F (176C)
Linen flax 350F (176C)
Has double ironing position: perfect for quick touch or ironing when you need more surface area.
No need for water.



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