DIY Glass Bottle Cutter

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Help Save the Planet, Not The Landfills!


Don't know what to do with your old bottles and broken glasses? Turn them into functional pieces of artwork with Project Lvl DIY Glass Bottle Cutter! Helping to make the world a cleaner, more beautiful place to live!

Unleash your inner artist and turn old glass bottles into functional pieces of artwork like drinking glasses, ashtrays, vases, aquariums, lamps and more.. the possibilities are endless!

This is a breeze to use, simply place the bottle in the support device, apply the appropriate pressure and turn! Watch as your beautiful creation goes from concept to reality in a matter of seconds

Think of all the amazing creations you can make, never buy another drinking glass, vase or other glass items ever again. At the same time making your home decor truly unique and one of a kind!

So if you’re looking for a way to turn glass into functional artwork or you’re just looking for a perfect holiday gift idea, then Project Lvl DIY Glass Bottle Cutter!is your best choice. Do your part for the environment by reusing your bottles and jars to create wonderful decorations for your friends and family. Help bring your glass projects to life! Buy yours now!


Trash Into Functional Artwork - if you’re a DIYer, you are going to love this tool. Make all sorts of cool functional pieces like drinking glasses, vases, ashtrays, lamps and more!

Reusing Disposables - don’t add to the already out of control trash and recycling situation. Help reduce pollution by turning your trash into functional artwork!

Perfect Holiday Gift - this glass cutting tool makes for amazing gift during the winter season! All of your DIY and Earth loving friends will absolutely love it!

Click the Green BUY IT NOW button and make use of your trash the right way!

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