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The Most Effective Trap Ever Made.

Are you fed up with the flies buzzing around your yard irritating your family and your animals? Flies are not only irritants, they spread skin diseases to your precious horse and lay eggs on its face! This is why we created the Ultimate Fly Trap - the world's #1 flycatcher. It is the proven most effective way to instantly start reducing the number of flies in any area.

Improve The Quality Of Life For Your Beloved Family And Animals!

Knowing your precious family and animals aren't being constantly irritated by flies, you will be able to relax this summer!

As a head of household or horse owner, you are responsible for the happiness and wellbeing of your beloved family and animals. You would take action if flies were swarming your own personal living space in the numbers that they do, so it's certainly not fair if you continue to let them bother your horse. Do you agree? Join the thousands of households we've helped combat their fly issues today! Get ready to enjoy summer!

How Does It Work?

  1. Load tray with bait and place tray in the bottom ring. (You can grab some of ours below or make your own, anything super smelly works!)
  2. Hook the 2 interior hooks together to form the funnel which traps the flies,
  3. Hang somewhere & watch it fill up with flies!

How long does each trap last? 

  • Each trap will last around 3 months, you can then decide whether to empty it or replace it with a new one since it will be full of flies. Be sure to replace bait regularly to keep attracting flies.

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