Hydroponic Vintage Vase Set

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 Enhance any living space TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Now, you can finally enjoy the peace and tranquillity you deserve! Perfect for the "Plant pot fanatic" and “Urban Naturalist” alike. This one-of-a-kind Vintage Vase Set will showcase your precious organics in minimalistic and stunning display! What's truly amazing about this product is that it accomplishes the most noble mission to purify and infuse calm, natural beauty into your home! 

The Vintage Vase Set brings striking decorative focus for any space, suitable for home, office, garden, wedding, or holiday decoration. It's the perfect interior upgrade! It's now so simple to transform any living space with this dynamic vase!

  • No soil setup and testing hassles
  • Adds life, beauty, and a unique touch to any space!
  • Grow your plants anywhere!
  • Grow all year round!
  • Eco-Friendly: Uses 20x less water than soil based gardening
  • Easy-to-view growth conditions
  • Self-watering 
  • Free Worldwide Shipping!

Your friends and family will become obsessed with your new purified interior. This set just has a way of making any space feel enviably bright, lively, and gorgeous! Our wealth of repeat customers tell us again and again that no other decorative piece has given them the peace and satisfaction that this product brings to them. 

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