Large Canvas All-In-One Work Shopping Bag For Women

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Having too many purses can get really confusing and worse, it can bulk your bag. Ditch the decisions and switch to Project Lvl Large Canvas All-In-One Bag For Women, make it your daily go-to bag for work, school, the gym, the beach and more!

This stylish and luxurious messenger bag has 7 different colors to choose from.. perfect if you buy a different color for each day of the week.

Made from high quality cotton, canvas, and leather, this bag has a built in slot pocket, cell phone pocket, and interior zipper pocket for all of your special storage needs.

Designed with two handles for hand carry as well as an over the shoulder strap for a cross body messenger style position.. and at 20” x 5” x 17” there’s plenty of room for everything!

So if you’re looking for a new daily go to bag for all of your storage and transporting needs, you need to grab the Project Lvl Large Canvas All-In-One Bag For Women now more than ever. It gets the job done and looks darn good doing it. Stylish and goes well with any outfit you wear. Say goodbye to purses because it has every pouch you need in a bag built-in for you. Hurry and get your hands on it before anybody else!


Quality Material - made from high quality cotton, canvas and leather this bag is durable and will hold up for years to come

7 Colors - there are as many as 7 different colors to choose from which means you can have a different colored bag for each day of the week!

Storage - designed with a slot, cell phone, and interior zipper pockets as well as the 20” x 5” x 17” interior space this bag can carry essentially anything you could possibly need.

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