Laser Golf Range Finder

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Get That Extra Edge To Zero In On Any Golf Course

Take your golfing experience to the next level with Project Lvl Golf Range Finder. This gem can do just that and then some. Accurate, precise and down to the tee!

Comes with multiple modes for pinpoint accuracywithout having to bring out the yardage book ever again. Even comes with a flag-locking and speed/range mode so you can bring out the right club for the right distance.

Set with a vibration mode that locks in on and alerts you when the flag distance is locked. Gives you instant notifications any time you zero in on the flag even from the farthest distances.

Designed for dual function because not only it is good for golf but it is also good even for watching the races. Whether it's car races or horse races, it is very reliable. It is the perfect range finder to give you exact measurements in real-time at almost any event.

If you truly want to get the most out of every golf course then this Project Lvl Golf Range Finder is your new best buddy. It gives you accurate calculations, super reliable to use and most importantly giving you a better experience every time you step on the green. People are now flooding in to get their hands on this amazing product. Change the way you play and purchase immediately!


Accurate- Gets down to the Tee. Which means no more guessing with yardage markers or a yardage book. With Project Lvl Golf Range Finder you get the exact rang in yards/meters on every shot without all the hassle.

Eliminates Guessing- Stop guessing on your yardage to the tee, and shave more strokes off your score!

Cost-Efficient- Means you don't have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on some expensive range finder. Project Lvl Golf Range Finder gives you the same features for the fraction of the price and almost INSTANTLY puts money back into your pockets.

Better Golfing Experience- Simple to use, gives you precise and accurate measurements and much more convenient than some yardage book. Saving you money, giving you more accurate measurements and ultimately a better golfing experience.


6 Times Magnifications

Enough field of vision

Angle Finder Mode (Only 900H 1200H 1500H)

Height Finder Mode (Only 900H 1200H 1500H)

Mode Selections (Pin seeker, Speed mode, Distance, Fog)

Buttons (Switch Power, Mode )

Battery Compartment: 2 *AAA (Not Included)

Clasps (For Belt)

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