Makeup Vanity Mirror LED Light Kit

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Instant Celebrity Feeling With The Perfect Lighting

We now have the answer to your dream mirror. Introducing the Project Lvl Makeup Vanity Mirror LED Light Kit, giving you the beauty salon feel and transforming your mirror into your favorite makeup spot!

It can be hard to get perfect lighting especially at night time. You spend way more time then necessary doing makeup just trying to work around your mirror and shadows. Even if the room is dark, these bulbs will illuminate the mirror allowing you to get extreme detail instantly! Making you camera-ready for this Holiday Season!

The bulb was designed to create a 360 degree bloom, spreading light wide to illuminate your face and mirror entirely. When you take 10 of these bulbs and set them up around your mirror you will create the best makeup mirror light imaginable. 

You deserve a VIP treatment and this light kit gives you just that, you wouldn't want to leave your room! This kit has touch to dim features and a remote powered by USB making it universal to plug and go. Project Lvl Makeup Vanity Mirror LED Light Kit is making it easier for you to put on your make up or do your skincare routine with these beautiful lights that will allow you to see even the tiny details.


360 Degree Bloom Light Bulbs - These bulbs are made to perfection so that you can see every angle and detail of your face without shadows. Each bulb spreads light in a way never seen before, when you surround your mirror with our Kit it will turn any mirror into a professional makeup studio.

Interchangeable Bulbs - Each bulb is connected with a small wire with the ability to disconnect or adjust the length of space in between. This allows any mirror to be transformed into a professional grade make up mirror.

Touch to Dim - The bulbs include a remote so you can fully adjust the brightness of your mirror.

Lightweight & Universal Connection - This Light Kit is powered via USB making it possible to bring and use anywhere around the world. Take it traveling with it's lightweight design!

Stick to Any Surface - Each bulb includes a double sided adhesive tape on the bottom that can be reused over and over again. It's extreme strength allows you to stick it to any surface or mirror.


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