Vegetable Mandoline Slicer Cutter Chopper Grater Shredder Multipurpose Julienne

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Slice And Dice Anything In Just Seconds And Get Mouth Watering Restaurant Quality Food In No Time

No more using dangerous and time-consuming kitchen cutters that will take you hours upon hours of to cut. The Project Lvl Mandoline Slicer is a more precise and time efficient tool that will save you time and energy in the kitchen. Slicing and dicing anything evenly and perfectly in just seconds.

Made with patented tensile crystalline steel blades that are super sharp yet safe to use and cuts with twice the precision than your normal kitchen cutters. Cut anything with twice the precision, in half the time! 

Comes with a cutting head on the top so once you're done cutting you can just lift up the top and enjoy your delicious creations. Saving you clean up time and doesn't leave any leaks or spills.

Its multi-use design allows you to cut, grate & julienne various different foods such as meats, vegetables, onions, fruits, and much more.

Time and time again the Project Lvl Mandoline Slicer comes out as the crowd favorite each and every time. Get yours today and start saving yourself time in the kitchen so you can spend more of your time doing the things you love.


  • Time Saver- Cuts more precisely and saves you all the headache of using flimsy cutters. Easy, efficient, and works like a charm every time. 
  • Easy To Clean- Easy to take apart and clean in a matter of minutes. Dishwasher friendly and rinses off easily without any food stains leftover
  • Easy To Use- Simple to use system that can have you slicing like a professional starting today. Simply just put the food in the slicer and before you know it your food will be sliced, diced, and cut to perfection.
  • Multi-Functional- You can use it to cut up pickles, grate carrots for a healthy salad, slice waffle fries to perfection like your favorite restaurant the whole nine yards. Which means you get more than just slicing with Nixon Slice, you get the entire restaurant experience.Puree, Julienne, separate, grate, slice thin/thick and the list goes on.


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