Orthopedic Knee Leg Pillow Sciatica Relief, Back Pain, Leg Pain, Pregnancy, Hip and Joint Pain - Memory Foam Wedge Contour

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Orthopedic Knee Leg Pillow 

Are you tired of tossing and turning at night?

Is sciatic pain, back pain, or hip discomfort keeping you awake?

Finally, a life-changing product to give you no more restless nights! 

The 100% Memory Foam Knee pillow will help alleviate your pain and improve the quality of your sleepIt delivers maximum support and comfort while you sleep! 

How Does It Work?

It encourages the correct posture by being acting as a spacer cushion in between your knees. Poor alignment, joint & back pain are just a few causes of unhealthy sleep. 

Using the Orthopedic Knee Pillow, you can improve and/or eliminate multiple problem areas and finally feel well rested. Those with back, leg, knee, ankle, and hip joint pain will experience relief.

  • Sciatica, Back & Hip Pain Relief
  • 100% Premium Durable Cut Memory Foam. Superior to others, will not flatten over time! Hypoallergenic; 100% visco-elastic
  • Ergonomic Design contours to your lets, hips, and spine; Keeps them in ideal alignment while sleeping.
  • Improves Circulation For Side Sleepers
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Trusted and recommended by Physical Therapists, Doctors, Sports Trainers, and Chiropractors

How To Use?

Just insert the bolster between your knees and sleep on the side most comfortable for you. Customers report great comfort when using our premium knee pillow for sleeping on their side.

Use as knee spacer during pregnancy or post surgery recovery, assists with restless leg syndrome.pillow will feel softer in warm and firmer in cold temperatures. The pillow will also react to your body heat by yielding and softening through the night

Product Specifications:

Color: White
Size: 10.04in x 8.07in x 5.71in

Package Contains:

1 x Knee Pillow

Don't settle for the "too wide", "too soft", and "too firm" alternatives. Its custom designed and consumer tested to provide you the best night's sleep yet! This is the only knee pillow that will maintain its structure and not go flat over time!


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