DIY Back Hair Body Remover

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Make Your Back Look Like A Lean, Clean, Non-Wookie Machine

Sick of a hairy back that's in desperate need of some manscaping? Project Lvl DIY Back Hair Body Remover has got your back, literally. With an extra long handle you can shave your entire back, entirely on your own!

This amazing remover was ergonomically designed to reach all of those areas you never could before. In other words, your back will never have checkerboard patches again!

Engineered with shock absorbing flex neck technology the blades will follow the contours of your back with gentle precision.. and with wet / dry blades you can use them painlessly without water

As it is battery powered, this little wonder worker will never trip you up or prevent you from reaching every last patch of hair.

So shave your back all by yourself without the need of grossing your loved ones out with Project Lvl DIY Back Hair Body Remover. With its ergonomic handle, you’ll be sure to have that smooth back in no time. You can shave any time and bring them any where you are. An easy to use tool but very useful. You will no longer have a hassle cleaning your hard to reach body areas. Buy now!


Solo Operation - Use this shaver all by yourself! Reach all of those impossible to reach areas without the aid of anyone but yourself.

Flex Technology - Engineered with shock absorbing flex neck technology you will hardly know the shaver is even there.

Reusable - This special shaver comes with removable and replaceable head and blades so it’ll keep on shaving for years to come.

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