MICROCOOL™ - Portable AC Space Cooler

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Finally, the perfect solution for heat that you can use anywhere. You will never use a fan or a clunky AC unit again!

Traditional air conditioners are expensive to buy, hard to operate, and take up more room in your home than you have to spare. Therein lies the question: Could there be another solution?

There is now an easy to implement and affordable solution for the rise in heat waves around the world. MICROCOOL™ is disrupting the Air Conditioner market by changing the way people cool their homes.

In the heart of summer, anyone can benefit from MICROCOOL™. Whether you're an office worker who's tired of the airless box in which you have to work, or you're a mother with children who won't take a nap in their stifling hot bedroom, MICROCOOL™ is for you.


Powerful - German engineered, and 10X more powerful than a fan. This small but mighty cools down the temperature of a room in minutes! Using Evaporative Cooling Technology,  it takes the hot, arid, stale air found within any typical home with either poor ventilation or overheating from the summer sun, uses the water within the unit to provide cooling, then emits a cool temperature to maintain the climate to suit you or a loved one (great for babies and small children too).

Portable - Say goodbye to cumbersome AC Units that require a window attachment. Its sleek design makes it great for dens, reading nooks, work, dorm rooms, offices, home offices, campers, work spaces, benches, basements, garages and more! It’s even convenient for travel! Set it up in your child's room to ensure their safety and comfort. Stay cool while you enjoying your favorite sporting game! In addition to wall plug-ins, its fully operable by USB cord, which enables you to take your MICROCOOL™ anywhere. 

No Assembly - MICROCOOL™ is ready to keep you cool the second it comes out of the box. It’s so simple to set up and use - just pour water in the tank, plug it in and enjoy!

Unmatched Affordability - Don't spend a ton of hard-earned money on large and troublesome air conditioning units when you don't have to! Other AC systems use a lot of power to try and cool an entire house or building, which is very costly! This personal space air cooler actually cools the air around you, where you need it most, while using the size and power consumption of a small fan!

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