Multifunction Toddler and Baby Carrier Backpack

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Introducing Mumbag- Every New Parents Must-Have!

Tired of the constant burden and discomfort? Not to worry... Project Lvl's Multifunction Toddler and Carrier Backpack will solve that problem and then some. Giving you more capability and a much easier time when you're out with your baby!

The Multifunction Toddler and Carrier Backpack comes equipped with various different carrying modes that make your job as a parent 20 times easier.

From normal carrying mode to breastfeeding mode and even equipped with a hip seat as well for hip seat carrying mode and the list goes on and on.

Also created with multiple pocket spaces for easy organization so you know where everything is.

Created with thick memory foam padding throughout the lining, Project Lvl's Multifunction Toddler and Carrier Backpack provides better support and protection. Keeping your baby comfortable and protected at all times.

This Multifunction Toddler and Carrier Backpack is the reason why we keep thousands of our repeat customers coming back. It's our never-ending dedication to product development and customer experience that keeps us in business and that's why the  MumBag exists to this day. Giving you comfortability, support and best of all.... Convenience all-in-one.


More Capability - Which means you get the biggest bang for your buck possible. 10 different features built all into one bag saving you money and giving you much more convenience than your typical bag.

Better Protection - Offers more foam padding around the lining and inside the body for better vertebrae protection and around the straps as well. So you can walk around for hours with your baby without feeling any discomfort on your joints and also built-in straps for secure protection as well.

Less Burden - Which means less strain and aches and inconvenience. Keeping you ready for any case scenario pain-free.

So if you want convenience in carrying your baby, let Project Lvl's Multifunction Toddler and Carrier Backpack help you! 

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