Natural Stone Distance Bracelet Set (2PC/set)

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A way to stay close to those who mean the most!

After selling out, the Distance Bracelet is back! We created "Distance Bracelets" to allow those apart keep their bond strong, to feel connected, and to one day see each other again. Distance and time apart from your best friend, treasured sister, or boyfriend can be hard, but no matter who and where they are, let them carry a piece of you with them at all times!

This unique accessory is perfect for close siblings, military spouses, or anybody who doesn't want distance to get in the way of their relationship!

  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Beautiful 8mm precious onyx and howlite stones. Very strong elastic which means you can wear these distance bracelets every day and not worry about them breaking
  • HEALING: Black Onyx is an excellent natural stone for releasing any negative emotions or stress. The White Howlite is a calming natural stone and has an extremely calming energy
  • FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING EVENT: Ship to any country worldwide for free for a limited time!

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