Pineapple Cutter, Slicer, Corer, Wedger All In One

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 Pineapple Cutter, Slicer, Corer, Wedger All In One

Do you love pineapple? Do you Hate Cutting It?

This All in One Pineapple Tool was made for you! It will peel, slice and core a pineapple in just minutes. In one single operation you'll have ready to eat pineapple slices!

Cuts Twice The Pineapple, In Half The Time!

  • Pineapple peeler will peel, core, slice a fresh pineapple in 30 seconds.
  • Removes perfectly formed rings while leaving the core in the shell.
  • Lifetime Warranty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ergonomic handle design, non-slip and easy to grip

The Perfect Pineapple, Every Time!

Using high performance stainless steel blades this is extremely easy to use and dishwasher safe! Anyone who loves pineapple needs this in their life, just insert into the pineapples core and twist. The results are as sweet as the pineapple, making one perfect spiral followed by our slicer which is just pushed down. Watch as it all falls to slices in seconds!


  • Pineapple Size: Height 18cm, Base Dia 8.5cm, Tube Dia 3cm
  • Apple Slicer Size: Diameter 9.5cm
  • Color: Black/ Green /Yellow
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic 

What You Get When You Order Today:

1 x Pineapple Peeler

1 x Instant Chopper

Perfectly Cut Pineapple, at your next party!



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