PLUSHTECH™ - Ultimate Car Cleaning Towel

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Scratch-free way to achieve the best shine for your car!

The majority of car owners treat their cars like a precious family member. We really do handle it with much care especially when we clean it, a time where its most subject to permanent scratches. As much as possible, we want it to look its best and maintain its cleanliness.

Unfortunately, sometimes when we do wash our cars, the towel we used is not as smooth as it should be, leaving our car scratched. Also, there is nothing worse than having streaks on a newly washed car. The traditional drying method, using non-absorbent towel,  requires unnecessary time and labor.


Extra Plush and Super-absorbent - It is designed to be super smooth and special absorbent materials that will provide the best result in shining and drying your car.

Short Fiber Side - It is perfect for buffing away polish and wax residue and for cleaning the windows.

Lint-free and Streak-free - It is positively charged and won't attract grease, dirt particles, and dust, even without the use of chemicals.

Your Product Is Backed By A 30 Day Guarantee!

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