Cordless Pen Electric Screw Driver

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Are you looking for a repair tool that you can bring with you anytime? Introducing Project Lvl Cordless Pen Electric Screw Driver, your handy little tool that guarantees a long service life and great help for your daily repair projects!

Ultra precision design and replaceable dry battery power supply. One-button control is reversed and the operation is very convenient. Providing ample power and ensure high working efficiency. 

Slim aluminum alloy housing body with pen shape design. Easy to grip and portable. Delicate and beautiful appearance design made from the upgrade quality aluminum alloy for comfortable touch and longer life.

It has the highest driving speed up to 150RPM load-free and the maximum torque up to 0.12/3N.m torque which is totally power enough for your electronics devices repair work.

If you are looking for something that comes in handy with you anytime you need repairs, then Project Lvl Cordless Pen Electric Screw Driveris the ultimate tool for you. Ideal for screwing, drilling and tapping meeting your different job demands. 
Suitable for the quartz watch, regular household appliances such as cameras digitals, radios, glasses, tablet pc, smartphone, drones, joystick, RC car, hard drive, maintenance of children's toys, etc. Now that's value! Grab yours today!


Design concept-  a portable compact and precision electric screwdriver which can disassemble small and medium-sized equipment screws such as ordinary mobile phone digital electronic products.

Multi-functional- equipped with 20-bit, can be used for mobile phones, tablets and other electrical appliances, very practical for daily maintenance or tool DIY. 

Smart and Easy To Use- hand-in-one design, not only electric operation but also manual, electric and manual can be operated independently or at the same time. Install the required alloy drill bit onto the electric screwdriver, and then start the switch for use.


Model Wowstick Treat
Material S2 aluminum alloy
Input voltage DC 3V
Battery Type Dry cell
Battery capacity 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Speed 150r / min
Working mode Double torque 0.12 / 3N. m
Screwdriver bit size 18 pcs. PH000 / PH0 / PH2
SL1.0 / SL2.0 / SL3.0
T5 / T6 / T8
P2 / P5 / P6
H2.5 / H3
SQ0 / 3.0 / Y2.5 / U3.0
(4x28mm) Screwdirver
Weight 240g
Colour Silver
Box package White

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