Automatic Plant Watering Spike Set

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They’re a life saver. Literally. Now you can worry less about watering! This one-of-a-kind automatic watering kit will be the lifeline helping YOUR precious plants and making YOUR life easier! Perfect for both seasoned plant enthusiasts looking to maximize their time, or for the not so green thumb who wants keep their plants smiling and healthy, this must-have product will automatically give your plants just the right amount of water when they need it!

How Does It Work? 

It's a simple, effective method for keeping your plants watered, without your constant attention. The product works by automatic capillary action, drawing water from a nearby container when the surrounding soil dries, compared to the probe. The probe replenishes the moisture at the same rate your plant draws it from the soil, thereby maintaining an optimal moisture level. No more over-watering or under-watering. Easy setup, perfect for vacation plant watering. 

After years of testing, we’ve created the most efficient and reliable automatic watering devices on the market. Now you can leave home with confidence knowing that your plants won’t die when you leave the house! You worked hard to grow them up until this point. 

  • One Set Contains 8 Spikes
  • Saves time, water, and effort
  • Saves money by preserving life of your leafy friends
  • Unattended automatic daily watering
  • No underwatering, no overwatering, no worries
  • Set up in minutes
  • United States Based Company

This low effort solution requires no commitment. You don't have to worry about an automatic timer, leaving your house turned on, or trying to adjust them some day when you re-configure your plants (like you would with irrigation). Save time with our self watering system when you are too busy to tend to your plants. It's a pleasure keeping your living space feeling bright, lively, and gorgeous with less work

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Package contains:
8 x Auto Watering Probes
8 x Tubing

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