Shoe Storage Rack Organizer (Set Of 8)

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Keep Your Shoes Organized and Save More Space

Say goodbye to your messy storage and closet areas with the handy Project Lvl Shoe Storage Rack Organizer (Set of 8).You will now have the ultimate space saver to help you de-clutter your big pile of shoes and prevents you from putting them all over the place!

This smart, two tier design is simple and efficient, helping to save you valuable closet space. With the convenient organization system, each shoe occupies its own designated space, so you never have to dig through the pile for a missing shoe. 

Each rack holds two shoes, stack one shoe on top and one on the bottom so that pairs are kept together and are easily accessible.This helpful system prevents the dreaded, monstrous shoe pile at the bottom of your closet, keeping your items in great condition.

These are three level height adjustable so you can insert nearly any type of shoe, including sneakers, flats, athletic/sport trainers, high heels, dress shoes and more. For tall shoes, simply increase the slant of the top platform to accommodate for the height of the shoe on the bottom. For shorter shoes, decrease the slant to save even move space. 

Instantly find your shoes and see all your shoe collection in one glance while keeping them neat and organized. Project Lvl Shoe Storage Rack Organizer (Set Of 8) lets you bid farewell to a jumble of shoes. These shoe racks come unassembled so that you can choose which adjustment you need for each pair of shoes. Now you can keep your storage and wardrobe space clean and away from any mess. Grab this best space saving solution today!



Durable & Easy to Clean - Superior and eco-friendly PP plastic material gives this shoe slots organizer white higher load capacity and durability. It is also super easy to clean with water and soap.

Fits Most Shoes - Shoe slots organizer sized 25 x 10 x 12 cm (W x D x H) perfectly holds any kind of shoes such as stiletto, trainers, slippers, sandals, children's shoes and normal sized women's footwear.

Holds Shoes in Place - Non slip surface with great grip provided by granular grains for your shoes sole; baffle plates on the shoe slots holder effectively protect your shoes from falling.


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