Sliding Wrapping Paper Roll Cutter

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Get a Perfectly Straight Cut Without A Hassle


Do you have loads of presents to wrap? Avoid the rush and stress this holiday season. Get all of your gift wrapping done with Project Lvl Sliding Wrapping Paper Roll Cutter, makes the job done exponentially faster than normal, with time to spare to actually enjoy yourself!

This cute little cutter is an indispensable gadget for your toolbox and a faster, more efficient alternative to its arch nemesis, Señor Scissors! Cutting paper faster, safer and with cleaner crisper lines.

No more torn or jagged edges, get a perfectly straight cut in no time. The present will look so good that your loved ones won’t even care what’s actually inside!

Fits any size roll with its expandable plastic shell. Simply slide your paper of choice through the cutter belly hole and listen as it cuts your holiday stress right down the middle.

Be that person that gets ahead of the game and someone that everyone admires with astonishment. With Project Lvl Sliding Wrapping Paper Roll Cutter,say goodbye to the sad and pathetic wrapping paper you usually end up with. Make every wrap as presentable as the actual gift inside it. Buy yours now!


Perfect Lines - This lean mean efficient machine gives precision a whole new meaning with its safely embedded razor that’ll give you a perfect cut every single time

Safe to Use - No more risking jabbing yourself with scissors or dropping them on your toes. It is perfectly safe with its embedded blade and safety lip you’ll never come into contact

Avoid Holiday Stress - Don’t get overwhelmed and stressed out this year, let the cutter help you with all of your paper cutting and gift wrapping needs for a happier healthier holiday!

Click the Green BUY IT NOW button and have a  worry-free holiday!

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