STRETCH & SEAL™ - Universal Lid Set (6pcs)

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You Just Found The Next Generation Solution For Covering And Storing Food!

Those who cook put a lot of care into their food, and to the aesthetic of their kitchen. After we put our time and energy into cooking a meaningful meal for our family, we want the process to store our leftovers to be easy. And we don't want our efforts to go to waste!

That's why we brought a solution to the market to save you the hassle of looking for matching tupperware sets. Our reusable lids eliminate loose fitting plastic wraps that let air in and freshness out!

Stretch & Seal Lids (not sold in stores) variety pack of six is perfect for just about any size container, food item, or cup.


    • Stretch Fit - Lids will stretch to fit over most containers in your household! Easily apply over containers, leftover produce, smoothies, and half-used canned goods.
    • Money Saver - Forget about plastic wraps! Our versatile stretchy lids are reusable so you never have to pay for and fight annoying plastic wrapping that doesn't work.
    • Safe - Completely safe for the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave! This product is environment friendly and BPA free!
    • Perfect Food Saver/Odor Free - Grooves on edges help seal the containers and prevent spills. It will limit exposure to the elements to keep food fresh for longer!
    • Use and Clean Less Dishes - Spend less time washing unneeded dishes. They fit directly over bowls and food items themselves, avoiding a container transfer.
    • Free Worldwide Shipping - This product will be shipped anywhere in the world for free.

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