Banana Bed Cushion Hideway

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Give Your Pets the Comfort that they deserve!

Pets are like family, they should be treated with care and love.The Banana Bed Cushion Hideway of Project LVL is the best thing you can give to your loving pets.

Pets are the most loyal companions anyone could have, they are trustworthy and won't ever leave your side. The Banana Bed Cushion Hideway is specially made to give your cute pets the comfort that they need.

Project LVL's Banana Bed Cushion Hideway is a small pet hideway ideally made for small - medium sized pets such as cats, dogs even guinea pigs and rodents. It is the best place for your pets to relax after a long tiring day of fun.

Thinking of your pets safety? You don't have worry, the Banana Bed Cushion Hideway is made of non-toxic material; safe for your loving pets. It is lightweight and easy to clean!

Show your pets nothing but love and sure they will give it back to you. Give them Project LVL's Banana Bed Cushion Hideway!


Durable and Safe Material - let your pets enjoy their nap time without having thoughts of danger.

Lightweight - wheither at home or outdoors, your pets can enjoy the comfort of their Banana Bed Hideway

Fluffy Cushion - soft and fluffy cushion makes your pet relax and comfortable

Ideal Gift - share the love for pets and give this remarkable Bed Hideway to your friends and family members who enjoy the company of their pets

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